Roli (Nicholas Ofczarek) and Ferdinand (Raimund Wallisch) rip off those, who consider the Höhenstrasse – Vienna’s Mulholland drive – to be a save place for their nocturnal activities. Since only a fair amount of alcohol gets them through the night, the quality of their unauthorized official actions decreases in accord with every passing hour. Thus the interrogation of a young Black African and his Austrian companion in the wee hours leads to an arrest that is not only absolutely out of schedule, but has more unexpected consequences than they would care for.






Co-starring are Klaus Rott, Inge Maux, Franziska Hackl, David Oberkogler, Oliver Mukuta and Doris Schretzmayer.


Höhenstrasse is the eighth episode in the Landkrimi series and is also the pilot project for “green producing” in Austria with the objective of developing a catalogue of criteria that can be used for the creation of a federal eco-label for the Austrian film industry.


Written and Directed by David Schalko

Produced by John Lueftner and David Schalko


A coproduction of Superfilm and the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation with support from the Austrian Television Fund and the Television Fund of the Vienna Film Fund. 


Available as DVD








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