TV series, 8 x 45 minutes

Braunschlag, a small town at the Austrian-Czech border, is bankrupt. It would take no less than a miracle to survive between Russian loan sharks and demands from the state governors office. And exactly that is what mayor Tschach (Robert Palfrader) and his best friend, the struggling disco entrepreneur Pfeisinger (Nicholas Ofczarek) have in mind. In the hope of finally putting Braunschlag on the map and luring masses of tourists into town they stage an apparition of the Holy Virgin Mary. While initial results are encouraging, things don’t quite work out as planned once the good people of Braunschlag get into the act.
Braunschlag is a story about greed, corruption, misanthropy, Catholicism and alcohol – quintessential Austria.  This black-humored TV series explores the darker corners of the Austrian heart.





Starring Robert Palfrader, Maria Hofstätter, Nicholas Ofczarek, Nina Proll, Manuel Rubey, Adina Vetter, Sabrina Reiter, Christopher Schärf, Simon Schwarz, Raimund Wallisch, Branko Samarovski, Thomas Stipsits, Stefanie Reinsperger, Erol Nowak and many more.

Written & Directed by David Schalko
Produced by John Lueftner & David Schalko


Available on Blu-ray and DVD.


Romy 2013: Special award of the jury









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